Worship is not just an experience or a song. It’s what we do when we open our hearts to the wonder and presence of God. It’s how we celebrate our love for God, His faithfulness to us, and our gratitude for all He has done.

Worship Auditions

As a church, New Life is passionate about connecting people to opportunities to develop their gifts and talents to serve God. On our worship teams we have, musicians, vocalists, and band directors that work alongside our production teams to create life changing moments of worship every weekend.

If you are interested in being a part of our worship team, fill out the form below and a follow-up email will be sent to you within 24 hours with all the info you’ll need to be prepare for your audition.

NL Worship is the worship ministry of our church. It encompasses everything from the singers and musicians who lead worship at our gatherings to the songwriters whose original songs are written and performed by our team.

Because we believe worship is not just a song, but a lifestyle, we encourage anyone interested in finding out more about New Life Worship to contact us. We are building a team of collaborators to passionately serve Jesus and build His church through worship.

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