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Name Day Time Type Area Campus
Online | Kingdom Cultivators | Heymann Saturday 9:30am LifeGroups Church Online
Online | Kingdom Cultivators | Heymann  
Leader: Nicole Heymann

Christians believe in the "Gospel", which translates to "Good News". But what exactly is "good" about it? The Gospel is not just a spiritual path to heaven: God comes down into this broken world with his new power and rules. In other words, the way heaven "works" changes how our world works. And that includes all levels of life: families, marriages, emotional wounds, sickness, how we help the poor or deal with the environment, and so much more! This is what Christians call the "Kingdom of God". And the cool thing is, every one of us can be co-workers of this kingdom. We can be "Kingdom Cultivators"!

But how do we become Kingdom Cultivators in a practical way? If you want to dig deeper to find out, this is the group for you. My name is Nicole Heymann, I am an artist, evangelical theologian, and currently writing a book about the topic. It doesn't matter if you are new to Christianity or been a believer for decades, young, old, a man or a woman, deep thinker, or practical worker, from the US or Zimbabwe, you are all welcome.

We will have 9 meetings in total, once a week, on Saturday mornings at 9.30AM Seattle time (afternoon/evening depending on your time zone).

The dates and topics are as follows:

1. 09/25: Why "Kingdom Cultivators"? (Gen 1; Gen 12,1-3; Mat 6,9-13)
2. 10/02 Cultivating the Kingdom Cultivator (Gen 1,27; John 15,4-8)
3. 10/09 The Gospel, Creation, and Climate Change (Gen 1-2; Ps 19,1-4; Rom 8,19-21)
4. 10/16 Prayer (Mat 6,9-13)
5. 10/23 Relationships: Family, Friends and more (Gen 2,4; Mat 7,12; John 15,13)
6. 10/30 Physical Health (Luke 5,17-26; 1 Cor 10,31)
7. 11/06 Poverty and Social Justice (Isa 61,1-3)
8. 11/13 The Church (1 Cor 12,12-31)
9. 11/20 Review (Ps 103,1-3)

You can access all our files as well as our recorded sessions and more on our dropbox folder:

Online | Sister Talk Tuesday 10:30am LifeGroups Church Online
Online | Sister Talk
Leader: Emilie Baca

This group meets on NL Central Women's Facebook Group in Facebook Rooms every Tuesday at 10:30am. Be a part of reflecting on scripture together and meeting new faces each week.

Online | Take Courage | Mullins Wednesday 7:00pm Group Tables Renton Church Online
Online | Take Courage | Mullins  
Leader: Judy Mullins

Starting September 29th at 7pm, 6 weeks

7 sessions study from Jennifer Rothschild, who truly understands what it takes to find courage in walking with God.

In God's word we will be challenged to believe in His presence and know that His promises give us courage to press on and trust Him with our lives.

Renton (Church Online)
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