Nothing can replace the kinship one experiences at a physical congregation but there are many benefits to attending church online!

Online Church

Online Church

Have you ever thought about Church Online? Nothing can replace an in-person connection with your congregation.  The community around you become like a second family, offering support, guidance and belonging as you as you become fully devoted to the Lord.  Sometimes, we are  presented with life hurdles that can prevent us from attending church in-person gatherings but that does not have to be the case. . NL   Church understands the value of the gatherings as a community no matter what,   , that’s why we have a community of worship and faith through Church Online.  No matter where travels or life take you,   never will you have to forgo the opportunity to engage in our weekly gatherings.


Benefits of Online Worship

The Church Online is a great tool that has enabled us to connect people from across the globe with the teachings of The Word .  It doesn’t matter if your busy schedule gets in the way, if you live on the other side of the world, or if you feel more comfortable at home, New Life has created a welcoming  and engaging way for our community to connect anywhere and engage in worship through Church Online.


  • Ease of Access:   There are many ways you can connect to Church Online; through Facebook, YouTube, or the website.. Maybe you live in an area where access to church isn’t a problem, but there are many aspects to online church that  you will love!  The convenience is a wonderful thing, especially if you’re out of town or unable to leave home.  Not only is Church Online readily accessible, but it fits easily into your busy schedule.  Attend once a week or as many times as you like, you can watch from work, or even listen on your daily commute. You have access to connect 24/7 by joining our Online Facebook Group.
  • Engage with your Family and Your Community:  Attending church with  family and friends is valuable; we love hearing about your watch parties at home.  With a simple click, you can easily join one of our gatherings as a family. You will even  have an opportunity to meet new people across the globe, creating new friendships along the way.
  • Experience New Ideas:  Church Online can be a way for you to deepen your connection with God and the local church. . Church Online removes geographic barriers allowing you to experience a  newfound friendships.


What are you Waiting for?

Distance and busy schedules will never keep you from NL Church. Our sermons are every Sunday at 9AM, 10:30AM, and Noon. What’s more, with our sermon archive, you can worship as much as you like, as often as you like.  Connect with us 24/7 by joining our Facebook group: insert hyperlink FB group.  Catch our previous gatherings anytime by clicking on  NL Church !

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