Why NL101?

We want to help you connect in even better ways to the community of faith here at New Life. We encourage you to come to New Life 101, a fun and relaxed evening where you will make new friends, catch the passion our pastor has for the church, and discover how you can make a difference as you grow in your faith.

At New Life 101, we will equip you with the essentials of the Christian Faith, outline the basic beliefs and practices of New Life (along with how to become a member), and help you get involved with a ministry team. The evening is free, meal is provided, and if you have younger kids, we’ll take care of them!

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October 22nd | 5pm


Maple Valley

TBD | 5pm





Childcare is provided for children from birth through 3rd grade at Renton and Maple Valley. Please register children and provide any necessary allergy information on the form. Childcare reimbursement is available at Burien Campus.