1. Education: we believe education is crucial to growing in disciple leadership
  2. Experience: we believe experience compliments education and provides a place for leaders to apply knowledge and grow
  3. Enrichment: we believe when education and experience are properly guided through wise mentorship, the quality and value of an individual’s life is greatly enriched which glorifies Christ, serves the Church and grows the Kingdom


There are nine foundational blocks critically important to the growth and success of future leaders. These are further developed through monthly Next Wave program training, seminars, round table discussions, labs, etc.

  1. Biblical/Theological Studies (Northwest University Accredited)
  2. Courageous Calling (Character: Who You Are & Emotional Intelligence)
  3. Developing Talents (Leveraging Strengths)
  4. Inclusion Culture & Chemistry (The Why and How)
  5. Competency (What You Do)
  6. Health and Wellness (Personal Maintenance)
  7. Spiritual Formation (God + People)
  8. Financial Health (Getting Ahead)
  9. Lifelong Learning (What’s Next)


Next Wave Leaders are divided into three distinct waves: Intern, Ministry and Marketplace. These waves are intended to develop individuals, where they currently are, in order to achieve their long term goals. All waves receive similar opportunities and group leadership access such as Staff Chapels, Leadership Huddles, Preaching Huddles, Next Wave Seminars, etc. Waves are uniquely individualized through Independent Development Plans (IDP) and coaching, appropriate to future plans and goals.

The Intern Wave is the onramp to what ministry is like for those who feel called to vocational ministry. This wave will include but is not limited to what’s stated above, as well as partnering with a mentor in the desired area of ministry.

The Ministry Wave is for those who have been on staff at New Life for 18+ months, will include but is not limited to what’s stated above, as well as partnering with a mentor and is expected to take on a higher capacity within their said role on staff.

The Marketplace Wave is for those who desire to expand the kingdom through a vocation outside the four walls of the church and a desire to enhance their sphere of influence. This wave will include but is not limited to what’s stated above, as well as connection with a mentor based on development strengths and/or opportunities identified.


All waves will be expected to take several assessments that will enhance their knowledge of self, others, and their style of leadership. Participants will receive copies of their individual results. Assessment examples may include: SEVA, DISC, the Enneagram, and The Golden Personality.


All waves will be expected to read and reference materials for their specific development. Examples of book/material titles that may be used are:

  • The Road Back to You
  • How to Win Friends & Influence People
  • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
  • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  • Leading at a Higher Level
  • Leaders Eat Last
  • Successful Executive's Handbook
  • Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ, etc.


All waves will be encouraged to participate in at least one New Life Church local or global outreach.


New Life Church works directly with Northwest University to provide highly discounted college tuition (¼ cost of a typical private university) for participants of the Next Wave program. Additionally, when a Next Wave participant is enrolled through NPP they earn free intern practicum credit (3 credits per semester) because of the hands-on education experience attained through the Next Wave Program.

The degrees offered within NPP are: Associate in Arts, Associate and Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Organizational and Business Management, Bachelor of Arts in Professional Communication, Bachelor of Arts in Humanitarian Studies, Organizational Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies.


We are currently accepting applications for the 2022 - 2023 school year. Applications are due July 1, 2022. Please email us at if you have any questions.