Why Kingdom Builders

Just for a moment, think about the reason you follow Jesus.

Think about the hope you feel in life, the freedom from shame, the support in tragedy. Think about the joy of worship, the comfort of community, and the challenge of discipleship. Think about how you found your life in Christ, who told you about Jesus, who shared that new life with you. 


Now, think about the 42% of the world who don’t even have access to the knowledge of who Jesus is. The over three billion people, who aren’t aware that the true hope, love, peace and eternal life found in Jesus is available.

Then think about the one—the man in China, the little girl in Indonesia, the widow in South Sudan, the mom across the street, the homeless man on the corner—all uniquely, intentionally, and purposefully created in the image of God.

Then be reminded of the greatest act of generosity in the history of all mankind. The gift from God of his one and only son, Jesus. The gift of grace, the act of mercy, the gift of salvation, promised for every person—every man, woman, and child in the history of the world. And the greatest barrier to receiving this salvation is access to the Truth and awareness it exists.

This is the reason for Kingdom Builders. We give because the Gospel is for anyone and everyone.








questions & Answers

1. What is Kingdom Builders?

Kingdom Builders is a missions fund to give to Global Missions, Local Church Outreach, and Future Christian Leaders.   


2. Why did New Life change from a one fund to a two fund giving  strategy?

Heart of Mission. We felt the one fund strategy de-emphasized the heart of world missions and local church outreach and discovered people wanted to give to projects and missionaries. 

Scripture calls for “Tithes and Offerings.” From Genesis to Revelation, there are different types of offerings and giving models. Tithing was instituted before the Law, commanded in the Law, and validated after the Law.  The New Testament calls for radical generosity and to support the local church and missionaries like Paul the Apostle. 

Input from people.  Over the last few years, people have asked for clarity of giving above the tithe.  We trust our new approach effectively helps people understand how their money resources New Life and its missions initiatives. 


3. What is the difference between Tithe and Offerings? 

Tithe:  Biblical teaching of giving 10% of income for funding the church.   Biblical giving starts here. Christians should tithe or start making steps towards the goal of 10%. .

Kingdom Builders is your offering “above and beyond” the tithe. It is a call to step up the generosity ladder. This giving goes 100% to the 27 projects listed.


4. When and how do I start giving to Kingdom Builders? 

Start today.  Give securely online, via the NLCHURCH app, or give each week in the offering. Identify what campus you attend and clarify your tithe amount and Kingdom Builders offering.

People can give:

A set amount each week, month, or quarter

A set percentage of their income

Special gifts from Real estate, stocks or commissions, or any creative ways God blesses you


5. How long is the Kingdom Builder commitment? 

The first launch of Kingdom Builders will be 18 months, July 2019-December 2020.

Kingdom Builders are a group of fully committed individuals and families who prayerfully commit to give, over and above their tithes, to global missions, local church outreach, and future Christian leaders.