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    We Welcome You

    New Life Church is dedicated to serving you through the power and love of
    Jesus Christ. From the very young to the old and wise, we’ve got something
    for everyone. Through our Kingdom Builders programs, NL Kids
    Camp, and Online Church, we’re creating a community built around spiritual
    growth and authentic relationships.

    Kingdom Builders:

    With New Life Church as an extended part of your family, you’re never
    alone. Every weekend we connect through warm and engaging gatherings
    intended to educate and strengthen your relationship with God. Our goal is
    to help one another walk in the footsteps of Christ and learn what it truly
    means to live by his example.

    NL Kids Camp:

    Our Kids Camp is a week of fun, music, games, laughter, and memories!
    Campers will experience the joy of making new friends and encountering
    Christ-like never before and our amazing counselors are there to make it
    all happen. We’re making a real difference in the lives of young
    participants as they swim in the lake, compete in summer games, and
    encounter Christ like never before. Our campers return home with a
    memorable experience, a new perspective on life, and a renewed sense of
    connection with God.

    Online Church:

    Technology and travel are changing the world around us. Whether it’s in
    search of work, new beginnings, more merely a change of scenery, people are
    spreading across the country. With New Life Church, distance doesn’t have
    to be so isolating. We gather on a weekly basis, streaming online
    sermons in order to help you connect with friends, God, and Jesus Christ.
    Check out our quick devotions that we post daily. They are great daily
    inspirations that you can take with you throughout your day.
    New Life Church is here for you every step of the way. No matter where you
    are in life, no matter what your hardships or needs are, we want to be a
    community you can rely on.