Building a Better Tomorrow with Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders:  Who we are and what we do


Being human can at times, be a difficult thing.  So much in life is decided by the luck of the draw.  Where we are born, what opportunities are available to us, and how our community affects us can impact our lives in both positive and negative ways.  New Life Church recognizes that not everyone starts on equal footing.  That’s why we created Kingdom Builders.  We stand united in love, support, compassion, and kindness, knowing we can make the world a better place by leaving a positive impact in our wake.  The Legacy of New Life Church lies not in the past, or even the present, but in the future we work tirelessly to build together.

Kingdom Builders is a full, one year faith pledge campaign aimed at strengthening our local faith communities, extending a helping hand to members who are in need, increasing the number of missions we have across the world, and fostering the next generation of believers.  We’re creating a global community by providing assistance to our extended family of missions, creating outreach programs, connecting with local churches, and impacting the future faith leaders in positive ways.


Making A Difference


With your help, the Kingdom Builders campaign is making a huge difference in the lives of millions of people across the globe.  From the impoverished and desperate in third world countries, to supporting communities in our own backyard, our mission is not only to spread the word of Christ but to enrich the lives of our fellow man.  With our local church outreach program we offer hope and help to those in need.  No matter who, or where you are, from our neighbors to one of our fifty partnering missions around the world, you can make a difference!


How You Can Help


Each donation to our Kingdom Builders project helps bring us one step closer to spreading the word of Christ around the world and helping those who are in need.  100% of every penny donated goes towards bettering the lives of our fellow Christians and missions, but donations aren’t the only way to help.  Tithing is also an option, where we would accept 10% of your total income to support the Kingdom Builders global mission.


With your help and your generosity, we’re able to go above and beyond in building the kingdom outside our walls –– globally, locally, and with future Christian leaders.  Every donation helps, and the more you’re able to give means the more people we’re able to reach.  Together, we can make a difference not only in our own neighborhoods, but across the world.


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